Lets get this WORKSHOP PARRRTAY started !

Come join me, let’s roll up our sleeves and get messy in the kitchen together with my five up and coming workshops… all coming soon watch this space.

Beginners guide to plant-based eating workshop.

Interested in the whole plant-based phenomenon and want to learn more? Or maybe you’re interested in getting more vegies, grains, seeds and nuts into your diet but really don’t know where to start, or maybe just looking for recipe inspo? Well my friend this is the workshop for you!

Salads and plant-based sandwich fillers workshop.

The easiest way to introduce more plants into your diet is by fair through big bowls of beautiful, fresh, colourful salads accompanied by the most taste bud teasing homemade dressings. Once you make your own salad dressing you will never reach for store bought bottles of “ick” again.

Plant-based eating means ditching the ole ham sandwich at lunchtime…..but what do you replace it with? Sandwiches rolls and wraps are a lunchtime staple, if you go plant-based what can you eat? Fear not this workshop will give you new fresh ideas on what to put between those two pieces of bread instead of the ole ham, chicken, cheese or egg sangas. Aka Sandwiches.

Plant-based desserts workshop.

Say what …? Yep you heard me right prepare to be AMAZED! This work-shop will introduce you to the creamiest most decadent plant-based desserts without the use of moo-juice.

Soaking and sprouting workshop.

Come dive into the world of our little seeds, nuts and grains. Learn the incredible nutritional benefits of soaking and sprouting our little friends and then become inspired in what to do with them, and how to incorporate them in our diets?

Kombucha, kefir and fermentation workshop.

Learn the very simple yet sadly forgotten art of fermentation. Adding a dose of these novel foods to your diet can have an extraordinary effect on you digestive system, mood, immunity and overall health. The true advantage of this workshop really is how simple fermentation is to do at home all by your clever self.