Rice Paper BaconBy JuanitaThis Rice Paper Bacon is a total game-changer for any plant-based eater. I know for me eating plant-based there are certain flavors I miss. Definitely top of the list is the sweet maple, salty, smokey BBQ taste of bacon.
Vegan Eton MessBy JuanitaVegan Eton Mess — well what’s not to love right! A big disastrous messy bowl of deliciousness. Juicy red berries, sweet crunchy meringues, and silky smooth coconut cream.
Greek Salad With Vegan FetaBy JuanitaA truly traditional Greek Salad is with ripe red tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers, green bell peppers, sweet red onions, Kalamata Greek olives, and creamy feta cheese. So how do we make a Greek Salad with vegan Feta? Enter the complete game changer when it comes to plant-based cheese…
Vegan Mini MeringuesBy JuanitaVegan Mini Meringues… say whhhhat? I know right how is that even possible? I hear you say! How can one make meringues without egg whites? Well today my little spooners prepare to be amazed we are using Aquafaba.. ooohh ahh!
Quick Tomato And Basil SoupBy JuanitaTomato and basil soup to warm the belly on a chilly day. This tomato and basil soup is super quick and easy as I use canned tomatoes instead of fresh.
One Pot Lemon And Chilli SpaghettiBy JuanitaThis lemon and chilli spaghetti is the perfect recipe for busy weeknights when you're just in the door from work and don’t have time to cook or lazy weekends when you actually don’t feel like going to much effort for dinner.
Vegan FetaBy JuanitaVegan Feta is nothing short of magic! To think you could take an ingredient like tofu and make it taste like feta cheese is something you have to try to believe. I would love to take credit for this incredible game-changing recipe but unfortunately, it isn’t mine.
Vegan Spinach And Feta Pie With Pine-nutsBy JuanitaYummmmm what’s not to love!! Wrapped in flaky golden brown puff pastry this recipe is perfect for lunch or dinner, and can even be eaten cold the next day?
Beetroot HummusBy JuanitaOne of my all-time favourite hummus recipes, I just love the earthy flavour of beetroot and I mean come on guys check out that colour ! Sure to be the star of the table at any gathering.
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