Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

My mission as a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach is to encourage and empower you to take responsibility and control of your own life, and in the process create a sustainable attitude towards optimum health. Life is a gift. It’s time to grab it with both hands and start feeling amazing in your skin. It’s time to live a fulfilled, happy, healthy life that you deserve. Time to reclaim that mojo that is rightfully yours!

Why do we wait until we are sick or run down until we give our bodies what it needs to function properly? Why do we accept spending loads of money trying to cure ailments with medicines or specialist doctors? Yet we are reluctant to spend money on quality nutrition to prevent our bodies from becoming tired, sick, run down, and diseased in the first place?

Prevention is better than cure right? So how can I help?

As a qualified NLC practitioner I can offer nutrition expertise combined with coaching skills to support you in your health goals. Together we will work on customising a plan to suit you and your lifestyle. My role will be to empower you to take an active role in implementing sustainable change along with being your ally, supporting you every step of the way without expectations or judgment. You are your own health crusader. You’re Batman and I’ll be your Robin xx

Additionally my services include:

  • Dietary analysis and interpretation
  • Detailed Nutritics Dietary report
  • Body composition analysis
  • Customised meal plan and recipes
  • My undying support and love xx

It all starts with a detailed questionnaire so I can really get to know you and your health goals.

Initial consultation (in person or on-line)

  • 60 mins 120 euro (Includes all of the above)
  • Follow up consultations (on-line or in person) 30 mins 60 euro.
  • This is to check in and support you in achieving your diet and lifestyle goals along with alternative recommendations for any bumps in the road.

So how can you achieve a more for filled, enriched, happier, healthier lifestyle?

Well my advice to you is you gotta start with making that decision, then put on your positive pants along with a big smile on your face. You gotta be the change. Time for self love.

Here are my Top 10 tips to getting your MOJO back.

  1. Get to bed early — Rise before anyone else. We tend to not get things done due to distractions. Have some me time before everyone wakes.
  2. Hydrate — Before doing anything drink a pint of water. This will not only hydrate you but it will help your intestine soak up any nutrients throughout the day plus kick-start your metabolism.
  3. Eat something healthy — clean whole foods, if you start your day healthy then your more than likely to follow it through the day. Start the day with crap guess what your body will crave?
  4. Exercise — 10mins 20mins 1hr However long it takes to get that body moving. This will help those happy endorphins and give you that drive for the day.
  5. Listen to music — Set a playlist of songs that make you feel happy , songs that remind you of good times.
  6. Organise an event — This could be anything from seeing a movie with friends, going to a new fitness class, organising a BBQ or social gathering. Start your week with something to look forward to.
  7. Say yes — We often shy away from things out of our comfort zone, say yes to something scary….. You just might surprise yourself.
  8. Compliment — People are forever looking for compliments we bounce off each other. Say something nice or a simple hello, you might just hear something nice back.
  9. Make time for loved ones — Life is so busy, we tend to get lost in work, our phones, tv, make time for those you love. We only live once and time is precious.
  10. Get to bed early — No TV, No phone, set your alarm, plan your day ahead and hit the hay.

The best project you will ever work on is YOU.

If this strikes a cord with you and you feel you need me in your life please drop me a message… click the button below.

I look forward to meeting you xx