Our Food May Not Be Always What We Thinks It Is

Every time we eat we have the choice to nourish and heal our bodies or create and feed disease. Now I know nobody out there wants to create disease within their body. We all try to do our best, right? Well, the food industry holds the monopoly of big dirty secrets. Our food is not what you think it is. What would you think if I was to tell you red meat is classed as a stage 1 carcinogen? The very same as Cigarettes. This means red meat is just as cancer-causing as cigarettes. Why don’t people know this? So many people know cigarettes are extremely unhealthy, but yet they continue to eat meat under the false premise of “meat is good for you”

This is not just for red meat however, it is for all formed processed meats, deli meats such as ham, pepperoni, salami, sausages, even your beloved bacon. People don’t realize how bad today’s factory-farmed meat and dairy is for you and how much it contributes to the majority of the world’s leading chronic diseases. It is scientifically proven that a plant-based diet greatly reduces your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and various cancers.

Casein is the protein found in cow’s milk and is scientifically proven to turn on cancer cells that can develop into tumors. Studies show reducing your intake of dairy and switching to non-dairy products can not only avoid turning on these cells on but can also turn them off. Cholesterol is a huge contributing factor to almost all heart diseases. Cholesterol is only found in animal products. Eggs are the highest density cholesterol food in the world.

SO why doesn’t the food industry scream this information to the hilltops? Well think about it like this, once upon a time the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry joined hands and decide to go in the business together, it turns out “illness” is their no.1 profit.

You can’t make money out of healthy people. Corrupt…? Now ya getting it.

The association of nutrition and dietetics have a large study peer-reviewed by over 170 of the best nutritional scientist in the world confirming a plant-based diet is healthy for all stages of life. This includes infancy, during pregnancy, and even top-level athletes. Not only is it healthy but it is exponentially better for you than a diet including meat and dairy because you are lowering your risk of so many diseases.  By switching to a plant-based diet you’re not only greatly reducing your risk of disease but also greatly bettering your current health status.

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