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My Vegan Kids

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Are your children vegan too? Is a question I get asked all the time, and the answer is yes. My three children myself and my husband are all vegan. We are that “Vegan” family that nobody knows what to feed us. Another question I get paranoid people are thinking is that I am pushing my vegan ways onto my children. My answer to that will always be absolutely not, am I influencing my children…yes. Just like all parents influence their children in everything they say or do, whether it be for the right or wrong reasons. But at the end of the day, most parents try to do their very best for their children and do what they believe is right.

I have a funny story about my 16 year old son Jackson and my “vegan ways”. After becoming Vegan myself for over 6 months I had put it to my whole family that I didn’t want to be buying and cooking meat at home anymore. At this stage my 2 daughters were both vegetarians. Both my girls are huge animal lovers, once they had made the connection with meat on their dinner plate and what it actually was, they point blank refused to eat it. So they didn’t have a problem with my new proposal I was suggesting to bring forward to the boys, in fact they supported it 100%.

I had suggested if my husband and my son wanted to eat meat at home, from now on they had to cook it themselves or just eat meat when we eat out.

Well, my son, Jackson was having absolutely none of it, he let rip at me in protest! He started accusing me of pushing my vegan ways on him, shouting how unfair I was being, and in fairness, I could totally understand his point of view and see where he was coming from. I am all for freedom of speech and allowing my little humans to be individuals and make their own decisions on things, within reason of course. But my eyes had been opened to the cruel world of farm to fork and I just couldn’t un-know that shit. Not to talk about the effects of eating animal products has on their health. I just couldn’t be feeding my baby’s like this anymore.

So I made a deal with my son, I asked him if he was to watch a documentary “What the Health” (which had the greatest impact on me from a health perspective), and he didn’t think differently than I would continue to buy and cook meat products for him as I always had. He agreed under the condition I didn’t open my mouth through the whole documentary, not a word! So he sat down with the laptop to watch “What the Health” and my husband Donie decided to join him.

Now to set the scene, Jackson had a “man bun” or as he would call it, a “top knot” at the time. So himself and his father sat through the whole hour and a half documentary without saying a word to each other. The documentary ended Jackson closed the laptop and shook his head.

Waiting in anticipation as I hadn’t opened my mouth for a whole 90 minutes, I asked him…well what did you think? He looked at me and answered with a…

“ F*ck, I’m a vegan with a man bun!”

Hahaha….the ultimate hipster.

He is a smart kid, his eyes were opened and he hasn’t looked back. It had the same effect on my husband who decided to give being vegan a go and that was now 12 months ago and in actual fact, it has now become a passion of Jacksons, not only for his health but for the environment and the animals too. The kid teaches me now. From two men who thought meat was life and Vegans were a bunch of pussy’s (their words not mine) they are both very happy to be newly converted vegans.

My family are actually thriving, which of course being a mother was a big fear of mine that my family wouldn’t be getting all the nutrients that their bodies needed. So I took on a diploma in Vegan Nutrition to cover all bases. A well planned vegan diet can absolutely support a healthy lifestyle at any age, from pregnancy, babies and children through to teenagers, adults and into the later years. My family have never eaten better, the variety of fruits, vegetables, rice, seeds, nuts, legumes and beans they all eat just amazes me. Well tell the truth it wasn’t without threatening them, if they didn’t eat their rice and beans, well they had to eat dead cows and chickens.

They soon empty their plates.

Till next time little spooners


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