How Little Spoons Of Happiness Was Born

G’day! So happy to have ya here!!! Whether you stumbled across us by accident scrolling the net, or you have heard of little spoons of happiness before and came to check us out, either way I’m so delighted the stars have aligned and  we are here together with one big thing in common… fooooood glorious food ! Man food makes me so happy, when I’m eating good food I am most definitely in my “happy place” spoon after mouth-watering spoon… and so was born our name Little spoons of Happiness!

When I first made the switch to eating plant-based I feared my diet would equate to depriving myself and never having my favourite foods everrrrr again. But once I began exploring plant- based recipes and started cooking up a storm, making colossal messes in the kitchen and using my family as my test subjects. I realised that’s not the case at all. We aren’t missing out on a thing, I’m just replacing ingredients with what I would normally use to plant-based. So we are still able to enjoy all our family favourite recipes. I have discovered a whole new world of flavours, I definitely have a new found respect for food. There really is an alternative for everything, it’s just a matter of knowing what to replace your normal everyday grocery items with, it then soon becomes as normal as your weekly haul always was.

If you yourself have any interest in learning or even knowing where to start how to adopt more plant-based recipes into your diet or maybe you’re vegetarian or vegan already and curious on how to find different ways to integrate more of a variety into your diet ? Well my “little spooners” you are in the right place! …

I’m the happiest Accidental Vegan that ever was and my mission here at Little Spoons of Happiness is not to try and convert you to go vegan. Rather educate you in what I know and seduce you with the most mouth-watering plant-based recipes.