A Few Words About Me and How I Accidentally Became Vegan.

G’day my name is Juanita creator of Little spoons of happiness. I’m originally from Australia married and living in Ireland for the past 18 years. I am a Qualified Nutrition and Lifestyle coach and Hairstylist, random combination I know right? But I see it as my super power the magic mix, as I feel I have the ability to make people feel amazing from the inside and out… Ta dah!!

But by far my most important role in my life would have to be “mum” to my 3 beautiful children. The hardest most rewarding, yet underpaid job there is… fact.

Like all mummy’s we put ourselves at the bottom of the list, and take care of everyone else first. So that’s what I have done for the past 16 years…..but what happens when your 40’s are fast approaching and the kids are getting older, more independent and actually don’t need you as much anymore? Well I’ll tell ya what happens…. Firstly you freak out!, you then slowly get comfortable with all the extra time on your hands and then… the mid-life crisis sets in.

Juanita Griffin

Accidentally Becoming Vegan

It was in that mid-life crisis I made a life changing decision…sounds a bit extreme I know? But looking back I realise it really was. It was when I was studying to become a Nutrition and Lifestyle coach I accidentally became Vegan, what started out as an experiment ignited a flame in my belly. My passion for healthy plant-based eating was ALIVE. I have always had an interest in cooking and well eating really, I just love my food. I became obsessed with the power of plant-based nutrition and how it affects our health and well-being.

Once I learnt the relationship between food and health, along with the links between the consumption of animal products and chronic illnesses, I knew I had to share it. Initially I was so angry, why didn’t I know this already and why wasn’t this public knowledge?

Through delving into the plant-based world I found not only is the Vegan diet better for your health, it’s better for the environment and for the animals too. It was a total WIN for me! I wanted a lifetime membership to this new found Vegan club immediately. It’s amazing how we become blind to what we think is normal and how we disassociate with the food on our plate to what it actually is, and how it came to be there. My eyes were opened to how cruel and corrupt the food industry really was. I knew right away I wasn’t taking part in that another day longer. I’m so happy to say my experiment changed my whole life and my families too. My only regret is that I wasn’t educated… sooner! 

Sending you Happy Vibes!